Britt Bommer, B.S. Earth & Planetary Sciences

Britt discovered her passion for Earth Science in college at Northwestern University; following a field outing to Wisconsin she declared her major. Britt loves to ski, hike, read and cook. 

Tyla Bolding, B.S. Geology

Tyla attended Louisiana State University where she became interested in the field of geology while studying the Mississippi delta formations. She enjoys traveling, collecting albums, and spending time with family and close friends.

John Harris, B.S. Enviromental Geology

John grew up hunting for minerals and followed his interest in geology where he attended the University of California, Santa Cruz. He naturally fell into a field position revolving around Geology. In his free time he surfs, makes jewelry and hounds for rocks. 

Albert Shepherd, B.S. Enviromental Engineering​

Albert grew up in the Los Angeles area hiking and mountain biking. He became interested in the connection between Los Angeles’ urban density and the surrounding environmental systems he loved to explore, and pursued this interest at Northwestern University with a degree in Environmental Engineering. He has been thrilled to broaden this interest at Green Geophysics to Space Weather and its implications for the power grid. When not in the field, Albert enjoys backpacking trips and picking his guitar.

Mitanshu Shukla, B.S. Geophysics, Mathematics minor

Mitt initially became interested in Geophysics through the influences of big oil in Houston, TX. Mitt pursues the path of Geophysics out of his pure enjoyment in the subject, as well as, the interdiscipliary applications to real life problems. The detailed study of Earth and discovering more about how its behaviors and interactions are used to unravel geologic mysteries is what genuinly compells Mitt's pursuit of geophysics and particularly, his work in MT! During his free time, Mitt enjoys woodworking, DIY home-improvement projects, biking, and electronics. 

Thomas Steele, B.S. Earth Science

Thomas attended University of California - San Diego and has always been an outdoor enthusiast and mineral collecter since childhood. Tomas enjoys trail running, playing chess, and backpacking.

Lena Tokmakoff, B.S. Earth Sciences: Environmental Geology

Fascinated at a young age by severe weather, superstorms and tornadoes, Lena pursued a path in the geosciences. During college at the University of California - Santa Cruz, she got involved in paleomagnetic research and asssisted with field camp in CA. Lena loves hiking, travelling, swimming, and live music. She enjoys playing the guitar and harmonica, curating Spotify playlists, and she is now a certified beer cicerone! 


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